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ESET problem!

I have lost my username and passwor dfor eset nod 32 and i want to uninstall eset. I need the password to uninstall so i have tried to get my username and password re-sent to my email. I have gone to the right site and put in all the right detaails and it has been a week now and nothing. Can someone give me an email adress which i can contact them instead of there site.
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  1. Sorry this is Tom's Hardware and we don't have any control over ESET.
  2. yes but do you know any emails where i could directly speak to someone there?
  3. On the eset support site.
  4. Why not phone them?
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    You can also call ESET Customer Care at 866-343-3738 (Option 2) or 619-630-2300 directly. They're open M-F 6am-6pm Pacific and should be able to help you uninstall ESET.

    If the Uninstaller is requiring a password, it'd likely be one that was set up by you or may be the password used for your Windows Login. Either way, ESET offers an unlock tool to unlock this password with the help of customer care. There's also a manual uninstaller tool you can run in Safe Mode that should help as well.
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