GA-P35-DS3L problem!!

So, I've been doing some oc'ing and once I pushed it too far and it wouldn't boot. I think the mobo changed some settings on its own and it booted back up, but now overclocking in the BIOS has no effect, and the overclocking controls in Easy Tune are disabled. When I click them, I get this message:

"this feature is currently being disabled due to either your motherboard doesn't support overclocking feature or
the dynamic power saver is enabled. Try to disable the Dynamic Power Saver or make sure your motherboard support the overclocking feature."

I can't find anything on google about this. Anyone have any idea what happened?
my processor is an e2140 and my mobo is a GA-P35-DS3L rev. 2 bios F7
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  1. well, I cleared the CMOS and everything went back to normal.
  2. Great,glad you got it sorted out.Happy overclocking!
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