GA-P35-DS3L BIOS resets and no OC

my new system
E2180 with GA-P35-DS3L and 2 GB crucial Ballistix RAM
everything went on well. loaded vista ultimate

I then started to do OC and so far I am struck at 3.0 G

BIOS setting

robust graphics booster auto
CPU clock Ratio 10X
CPU host clock control Enabled
CPU host freq 300
PCI-E freq 100
C.I.A.2 disabled
Performance enhance [Standard]
system memory multiplier (SPD) 2.4
memory freqMHz 800 720
High speed DRAM DLL settings [option1]

system voltage control manual
DDR voltage control [+0.2v]
PCI-E Voltage control normal
FSB Voltage control normal
(G) MCH Voltage control normal
CPU Voltage control 1.40000v
normal core vcore 1.32500v

Also cpuz shows
DRAM frequency 360MHz
timing 5-5-5-18

the crucial ballistix memory i bought shows specs in newegg as
Timing 4-4-4-12
Voltage 2.2V

any help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

here is ascreen shot of cpuz

bios screenshot
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  1. If you voltage required is 2.2V(Just like mine is) You need +.4V on your DDR2 voltage this is why: 1.8V+.4v=2.2V That should bring some stability for sure. Also for 'nicer' numbers, drop your multiplier to x9 and increase your FSB to 333Mhz, this way you get 800Mhz at your memory (2.4 x 333=800Mhz) Another thing to, personally for my rig to be solid prime95 stable I had to increase my cpu Vcore to 1.4125, it was prime stable for about 2 1/2 hours @ 1.4V so I upped it 2 notches for that stability and called it good enough. Then again your chip can be better/worse so dont forget to prime95 it for about 6~8 hours at the least to get an idea and from there you can ballpark your final voltage.
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