At My Wits End

hey guys,

I decided to was about time to update the home PC, I got the parts, put them all together and hit a wall. When I Power on, the screen seems to choose weather it comes on or not. If the system is left off for a lengthy period of time the screen will come on first time, but it refuses to do so if i do a restart. So this means I can't even complete an install of Windows.

My system is:
MSI K9AGM2-L (Mobo)
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4000+ (CPU)
2Gb Cosair DDR2 Twin2X (RAM)
ATI Sapphire HD2600XT (GFX Card)
Hyper HPU-4M530-PK 530W (PSU)
300Gb Maxtor 6L300RO Diamondmax 10 (HDDs) x2

Any Help would be greatly recieved.

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  1. That motherboard has on-board graphics. If possible, plug your monitor into that and remove the graphics card until you've got windows fully loaded.

    Just a suggestion. Hope it helps.

    -Wolf sends
  2. yeppers. By default your mobo has on-board graphics enabled. If you plug your monitor into the video card you'll get strange behavior like your having. Use your onboard video to get your windows installed, install your card's drivers then select your card as your primary video source and disable onboard video. That should solve your issue.
  3. I would go with the onboard video being enabled also, make sure to disable it, if it still acts whacky, maybe check to see if you RAM is nicely connected. MY computer would work absoulutly fine with the exception when in windows I click restart it would jut simply just shut down period. It did this for months, maybe even a year (I was kinda lazy plus I hardly restart anyways, I would just stick around and whack the power button if I had to 'restart'), but then I decided to add a stick of RAM laying around, It wasn't playing nice with the other sticks so I readjusted all of them physically on the Mobo(and adjust the timings exactly right, thank you-cpuz) And now it restarts fine..I dunno what it was but definetly related to the RAM. Plus I fixed this guys dell once, It just wouldnt boot I think maybe before POST finished, maybe after, it gave an error code, looked it up on dells site, said to 'reseat RAM'. So I pulled them out plugged them back in, tada worked fine, wierd though, its not like goblins listen them up over night but I hope this helps.
  4. Thanks for replying so quick guys. I shall go and attempt your suggestions now.

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