amd 4400 overclocking

i have only got 512 ram in my pc and thought it was time to upgrade to 2 gig. This is because 1. i want to overclock my 4400 2. i want to run the ram in dual channel and 3. games are requiring lots of ram now

So what ram should i get. If you can recommend a few, i have a high budget because my student loan has just come ....woo

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  1. What speed of memory are you looking for?

    Is your 4400 socket AM2?
  2. First look for the faster your board can handle, then look something for your app, if you want to overclock the memory or just the CPU, and all that stuff.
  3. Hey I am also looking to overclock my 4400+ (AM2 Socket) and possibly my memory too. I just want to speed up my system as much as I can without having to change my air cooling. Any recommendations or thoughts???

    My specs:

    AN-M2 ABIT board
    4400+ AMD X2
    2 x 1gb OCZ Plat. Rev 2
    74gb raptor
    500gb WD
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