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I have an older 8mb cache WD Raptor 74gb hard drive and have just purchased another WD Raptor 74gb drive but this one is the newer model with 16mb cache. I was wondering if I would have any issues putting these 2 drives in RAID 0.
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  1. Everything I'm reading says "choose drives of the same capacity" and you've done that. My gut tells me it'll work just fine, but I really think you should wait for a second (and third) opinion.
  2. Toms did an article on it
    Can Heterogeneous RAID Arrays Work,1789.html

    myself I have 4 WD500gig & 2 Seagate 500GB drives raided in raid 5 and works just fine.
    it might be slower due to the one drive having 8meg cache but other then that it should be fine...

    just so that you know the older drive may fail sooner... and in raid0 all is gone.
    Backup... Backup... Backup...
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