Make system image of ancient os and move to new pc

Hello Gurus of the toms

I have to do computer task for a friend of mines; since hes fixing up my car for no labor charge.

My friend has windows 98 or 2000 i forgot which one. I checked the processor info and its older than what I have worked with. He has one program which is not supported anymore but is still useable for him. What he wants to do is to move the program to another computer because the pc he has is so old that it may break down any day.

note: he says there is nothing wrong with the pc, its a pile of poop for me, but i dont use it.

What i initially thought about doing is giving him my laptop (hp envy 15) since hes not charging me much. Installing a virtual PC on it and then installing the image of the old OS.

I have never tinkered with Virtual PCs or have made a system image; they dont seem all that hard to learn as nothing is with computers.

So is this the best direction to go? what are the good virtual PC and system image software (cheap software is very nice)? and is there another better way to complete the task I want to do?

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  1. Why can't you just install the program normally?
  2. cause i cant find the disk or the download link
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