Default Sata HDD Jumper?

I just received my first SATA hdd after years of having my ancient IDE. Anyway when i opened the package i notice the jumpers were by default set to the configuration of "Limit to 1.5Gb/s Operation" with no jumpers being "3Gb/s Operation". Is there any reason i should keep it at 1.5? The hdd is a Seagate Barracuda ST3250410AS 250GB. Also im assuming since there was no chart of slave and master settings that settings are done in the BIOS?
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  1. Move the jumper, or remove it...
    then it will run at 3Gb/s
    there is no master slave anymore with sata. so no issue there.
  2. thanks.
  3. you should only leave the jumper on if you have problems with the drive on your mb. it is there for backward compatibility issues when running on some older SATA1 controllers
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