Should I replace my order of 8800GTS 640MB for 8800GT G92 512MB?

Hola Mates,

Two days ago, I ordered Sparkle 8800GTS 640MB Retail.

Today, the store received Gigabyte 8800GT G92 512MB DDR3.

After some things I've heard about 8800GT G92 512MB, I am thinking of asking to get it, instead of 8800GTS 640MB.

I saw in a website that each one, has its strong sides.

Unfortunately, I am not that good yet with technical specifications... so I don't have the whole tools to decide which one should I get.

I would be grateful for your help.

1) Which one is stronger?
2) Do they both support DX 10.1?
3) Which one should be more quiet? I am using my PC for music recording studio as well.
4) From the older series, shouldn't GTS be better than GT?

Thank You Very Much for your patience and help! :)
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  1. The short answer (I'm running out the door soon) is yes, go with the 8800GT, it's cheaper, faster, consumes less power, and overclocks great. I'm looking at it for my next build myself (that or ATIs 3870/3850)
  2. 1. Can't really say right now, because that picture *may* not be right. However, there is a *new* GTS 640MB coming out mid-november.
    2. I don't think either of them do.
    3. Probably GTS.
    4. I don't really understand. Older series what?
  3. No you should get a ATI card because they are better for unreal engine...
  4. Avenger_K & aadamszc, Thank you for your quick reply.

    aadamszc, about "Older series", I mean that 8600GTS was better than 8600GT, right?

    Mmm... still a bit confused... :sarcastic:

    More thoughts and comments are very welcome.

    Thanks You All! :bounce:
  5. Well I have the 8800 GTS 640mb and I have it lightly overclocked to almost the GTX speeds. According to GPUZ here are my cards current stats: Core clock 600mhz Memory clock 1000mhzX2(2000mhz) Memory Bandwith 80.0 GB/s and my shader clock is at 1389mhz. This is a light to medium oc on my card. If the 8800GT can get close to that it would be a good deal, if not the 8800 GTS 640 is the way to go.
  6. perzy said:
    No you should get a ATI card because they are better for unreal engine...

    Only if thats all he's going to play that is, if not.....
  7. Well, thing is -- when NVidia releases the 8800GT, they will stop the production of the 8800GTS 320MB version. They will also come out with a better version of the 640MB version in Mid-November. Technically, in the older version, the GTS was better than the GT, but I'm quite sure they are using a whole different architecture.

    As things look right now, I think the Current 640MB might be better, but have a lesser PRICE/PREFORMANCE value. With the 640MB costing ~$150 more, there might not be enough of a preformance bost to justify it.

    If you have a decent GPU right now

    -and want a 640MB, I wait until they release the new, better one.
    -and want a GT, wait until they release.

    That is just what I think.

  8. Wait for the new 8800 GTS 640MB in mid Nov.
  9. All the listed cards support DX 10.

    I would prolly get the GT, looks good from here.
  10. Atleast wait for the 8800gt to be released so we see the prices and full benches, atm though based on what we got, Id say 100% yes.
  11. I would put your order on hold pending benchmarks. I would expect that the 8800 GT will be better (judging from the specs we have) even though that is contrary to nVidia's normal naming. I would definately expect that a 65nm chip will run cooler and therefore quieter.
  12. All Mates,

    Thank you very much for your kind and detailed responses!

    Maybe I'll wait a bit with the card. I'll check with the store...

    Thanks again! :bounce:
  13. I just got an EVGA 8800GT Superclocked. This thing rocks and it overclocks quite well too. It does come with the new PCI Express 2.0 technology which is coming on the new Motherboards. To me it was a no brainer just based on the specs comparison and the price. Some reviews show this card bettering 8800GTS 640MB cards and coming close to 8800 GTX cards. Worse case scenario you can go with EVGA and you have 3 months to upgrade if you want to.
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