problems with 163.71 - incorrect colour depth

I just installed this driver yesterday and now it seems as if my system is stuck at a low colour depth. its not 16, because when i put it to that the image quality is lower, but it doesn't feel like true 32-bit either. its really annoying.

At first i decided to just do system restore, but it didn't revert my driver back to what i had, so i manually uninstalled it, cleaned up whatever was left using Detonator RIP tool (it didn't fin any), and installed the old one, but the problem still persists.

What am i supposed to do in this case short of reformatting?

One thing that im not sure if i did right, was when i was uninstalling my driver (for both times), i only chose to uninstall the display driver, but there were other options whcih i wasn't sure about what they did. Was i supposed to uninstall them as well?
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  1. Try booting into safe mode, uninstalling all of the nVidia drivers/apps. Then restart, which will put you on the default/generic windows video driver. Then you should be able to go back to nVidia, download, and reinstall the new driver and app set.
  2. what is this application set you are talking about? this is what i wasn't sure about when i was uninstall my old driver, there was a bunch of other stuff with it, not just the display driver.
  3. Use driver cleaner pro(its free) in safe mode to get rid of everything. then try to reinstall...

    What screen do you have, maybe you never noticed it before. LCD screens(fast response ones) do not tend to have the same color as CRT's they tend to look like color banding in gradients(color blending like the windows logon screen for XP and in the photoshop pallet or gradient fills)....

    I know i went though 2 screens(and am on the 3rd) to find one with acceptable color reproduction. - Driver Cleaner Pro
  4. i have the 22" Samsung 226BW. i know it is supposed to look different from a CRT, but thats not why im noticing the difference. When i first hooked it up and set it up, it was perfect. Then i decided "oh heck, why don't i get some new drivers too? that should make it even better". but that made things worse =(.

    when i go home today i'll boot up in safe mode and delete every nvidia driver completely (thanks for the link), and install my old driver and see if that works.

    by the way, how do i make it so that the old drivers that i've saved don't get erased by Driver cleaner?
  5. Driver cleaner does not delete the driver just keep all that on the desktop.

    All it does is remove all the drivers from the system so when you restart its like a clean slate. windows will detect new hardware and not already have drivers for it....then you can install what ever driver you want from They have an archive of all there old drivers for you to get just what you want. - Windows 2000/XP driver archive on
  6. I have the Samsung 226 and you will find that even though you have removed the drivers you still have a monitor profile file that keeps your preferences from your last driver install so the old profile does not match the new drivers so just use the software that came with your monitor ( Magic tune ) and set the colors and contrast that suits you or use the built in monitor menus.
  7. well the last time i was reinstalling the old driver i used a driver cleaner as well, (just a different one), but the problem persisted.
    now i just redid it two times using Driver Cleaner Pro, but still the problem is there.

    what i'm thinking is perhaps the new driver messed up something else that is now causing me this problem?

    maybe i should reinstall my monitor driver? (i can't find it though.. any idea where a samsung 226bw driver gets installed to?)

    edit: i tried playing around with the monitor profiles too, but its still same makoau58. did you have a problem similar to this once?
  8. is the .icm profile in the system32/spool/drivers/colour/ folder the only real "driver" for a monitor? or is there something else? i want to uninstall my video driver and my monitor driver, put back my old driver and then install my monitor again, and if that STILL doesn't work then i have no idea what might be causing the problem. i'll have to reformat.
  9. wow....i forgot about the color profiles....i do not use any as mine did make my colors look off as well.....

    See if it will let your remove it, if i remember it was a pain with the the drivers from the cd installed I had to set it to plug and play monitor to get rid of it....

    Yeah....that reminds least in my case the profile Samsung gave me looks plug and play it was.....Nvidia still knows what it is....
  10. no i already tried that. i'm not sure how to properly explain my problem...

    imagine an image while in the normal 32bit colour mode. now imagine that image in 16bit. what i am seeing, (while in 32bit) is something in between 32 and 16. its not as "bad" as 16, but its not a true 32bit colour either.
  11. can u change nothing on the monitor settings that would help?
  12. whatever i could think of changing i've tried changing. i think its something software related, but i can't narrow it down. i've uninstalled and reinstalled my drivers countless of times and i've tried getting rid of my colour profile as well.
    somewhere along the road while i was installing this new driver something got very messed up. either that, or it got messed up on the same day, because i started to notice this after i installed the new driver.
    the only thing significant that i did was trying to OC my CPU with a tool called EasyTune and crashing my windows. i eventually got it running after i used system restore, but i don't see how that incident can cause my computer to display incorrect colours?
  13. Do you have another computer to try the screen on or another screen to try on the computer? just to make it easier to isolate the problem
  14. actually, i have plugged it to my brother's, and i see the same 'problem', so it isn't my software afterall. most likeley, its hardware related to my monitor. my brother says thats how an LCD should look like, but that wasn't how it was displaying when i first go it, so i'm going to have to call up tech support and get em to replace it. (thers also a large colour "wrongness" in the bottom left. the blues are all purple)

    thanks for the help everyone!
  15. before you send it back, check the cable too....

    I am very picky about color. like i said went through 3 screens to find one that could do Photoshop without looking like crap(like i say...color banding was my issue and dark color reproduction).

    Brought my laptop to the store and tested all the screens they had on the shelves. Other then that it would have been allot more returns....
  16. what should i check for with my cable?
  17. just to describe the problem better, this is what happens when there is movement.

    imagine a light source, say for example a globe. you would have the light source in the middle a circular glow around it. now on a normal monitor, and on my LCD (when the picture is not moving) the image looks like my rendition on the left. the colour transition from the source to the outside is seamless.

    now on my LCD, when the image is moving, the same "glow" now becomes made up of several different colours, so i can see the outlines of each colours, like the image on the right.

    or another example, if say i'm looking at clouds, what i see is just a single outline, like the image on the left, but when the image starts to move, i get several outlines instead of one, like the image on the right

    is this what is refered to as "ghosting"? am i really supposed to be able to see this on an LCD? i'm using the Samsung 226BW, and its response time is supposed to be 2ms, so i shouldn't be able to see this.
  18. Ok...well that sounds like "overdrive" This is how screens get a 2ms response time

    read this....and on the next page the disadvantages of over drive
    i know its view sonic but overdrive is the same. Samsung just calls it magic speed...

    I wish i could find a better article on it....but thats all i have essence you screen goes color white then color real fast....and you can see it....on still images it would look great...
  19. yeah, on a still image its just fine. is there a way to fix this?
  20. Its by design(over drive gives you the best speed at a cost of color that most people do not notice....only the picky ones:) ).... if you want better image while moving(that what gamers want....most photo pros stick to CRT and lower response LCD) you tend to have to sacrifice speed....

    Just another shot in the dark? have you tried the different magic color and magic bright settings.....when those get out of whack they also tend to mess with color....

    Menu -> (down 1)Color - MagicColor? Or maybe do a reset to defaults(menu 5th down[on most samsungs] to setup and image reset color reset)

    I have a slow monitor by comparison (8MS) so i can not comment on as much overdrive. I know color on moving images changes during motion. i have just learned to ignore it....i care most for still image color.

    Example....Blue get lighter(slightly brighter) when scrolling text(at a fairly fast speed) on the main page
  21. yeah i tried to play with the magic colour and the like, and to reset to factory defaults too.

    in any case, this monitor is unacceptable to me. what p*sses me off most is that i had spent a month reading around articles and getting opinions on what would be the best LCD for gaming, and the general concensus was that it would be the 226BW. now i go and shell out $350 for it, only to find this. i mean, how is it that nowhere does it say in any articles or reviews that this is a big problem with this monitor? i'm not too particularly picky with colours and what not, but this is just there in plain sight, i mean you don't even have to strain to see it. its there, a slap in the face. being a student from a low-income family this is a big blow for me. i feel like selling this piece of **** on ebay and finding a CRT from some garage sale (because nobody sells tubes anymore it seems).

    btw, what does RMA mean? i see people use this term in the context of returning the product? do you get money back for it? would it be possible for me to RMA my LCD?
  22. RAM = Return Merchandise Authorization

    Its is only used to obtain a replacement.

    How long did you have it? maybe it IS defective(stranger things have happened...since you did not notice it before....). You are explaining it far worse then it can(or should) be....did you get it locally? maybe you can go look at another one.....
  23. yeah i bought it at a local store about 2 weeks ago and i wanted to hook it up and see how it is, but they refused it outright. i also asked what if there was something wrong with it and they just said to use the warranty and call up the manufacturer.

    i'm going to call them up when i have time and try to get it replaced to see what the replacement looks like. if its still the same (perhaps i just didn't notice it the first day i plugged it in) then... well then i'm screwed. who wants a spanking new LCD? selling cheap!
  24. What store does not give at least a 30 day policy? bastards.....i would not shop at that store any more....
  25. didn't have much choice. only store around me that was selling it at a reasonable price
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