First of all

My mmorpg games did not work, I think because they were .exe files ... anyway

after searching through internet I went on this site

IT REALLY did not help and the reason being it actually crashed my whole system ... because now I cant open any .exe files.

I did everything which this site told me to .... ( step by step )

and after I klicked ''ok'' ... or I think it was ''close'' nearly everything ( every single .exe file ) on my computer cannot b opened. The icon which all of those files are shown up with is a computer with blue screen on a white piece of paper. I cant open any of those files ... eg. Skype, BitComet, AND Regedit it self !!! because it is an exe file as well :(

BY THE WAY... sorry for my spelling ... I am not great PC master. PLEASE GIVE ME A SOLUTION ....

PLEASE HELP ... really dont know what to do now ... it turned from bad to worse :(
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  1. how about doing a format ? only suggestion ... but really, that is the last thing I wanne do to be honest.

    Please write a solution or a suggestion :) Anything would be great .

    By the way ...

    I've got a Vista 32-bit
  2. You needed to start from the beginning here, why did the games not work and why did them being .exe files have to do anything? You're jumping in the middle of what happened and you went for help a few steps too late it seems.

    At this point though it sounds you may as well do a re-installation of the OS.
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