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Think my wireless network was hijacked

I'm in desperate need of help right now. I've been having problems connected to numerous websites as of today. Everytime I connect with Chrome, Firefox and IE it tries to redirect me to which the warning says is infested with malware.
Both mine and my mother's laptop are having this problem, but my brothers isn't having the problem. I tried scanning both our computers with various anti malware programs and hijackthis, but nothing seems to work.
If you need anymore info about the problem let me know.
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    Another great tool.Use carefully.
  3. I've ran both of them and I'm still being redirected to the site. I've also tried ComboCleaner and running all the scanners in safe mode. Nothing seems to work.
  4. Okay well looks like I finally fixed it with either using Spybot S&D or Hitman Pro in safe mode. Not sure which, but thanks for the advice though.
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  6. Hitman Pro < NICE APP GOOD JOB.
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