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Okay folks, sorry to sound like a newb here;but the last time I went OC happy was 4 years ago with my 2500+

It's time to upgrade from this old AMD machine; but I'm not ready to do anything too extreme. I was thinking of grabbing a Q6600 and just bumping it up to 3 gigs since from everything I've read this should be about as simple as a FSB bump to 333. (333*9=2.997)

Now, my question comes in to the resulting FSB for the memory. Would it double like normal, resulting in 666? Or will it quadruple since I'm using a quad core, to 1332?

Again, sorry if I've missed the answer somewhere on the forum; it's hard to look through a few thousand threads...
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  1. It will be 333x4 for the resulting FSB, because Intel "quad pumps" the FSB. However, for the memory, it will only be double. So at 1:1, yes, it will run at 667.
  2. a little increase in vcore aswell
    you could also use a divider & make ram run 800 or higher
  3. OKAY, that's where I was getting lost at. Whatever happened to the old days where you just matched the cpu and memory... *Grumble grumble*

    Yea, I figured I'd run the stress tests and see if a voltage bump was needed; seems to be 50-50 from the reviews and builds I've seen.

    One more question and I'll let you folks get back to discussing the pros and cons of phase-change cooling. Like I said, this is just meant to let me get the hang of OCing intels; I'm not going to go crazy until next year's tax return with the new cores. That being said, I was thinking of grabbing some DDR 800s and under clocking them to the 667 speed.

    I've found a nice set of 2*2 gig sticks that run at 4-4-4-12 at 2.0V. What do you think my chances of getting that down to 3-3-3-10 at the 667 speed?
  4. Those are low latencies for DDR2, but you never know! Give it a shot and Memtest it. Then blend test in Prime for ~12 hours or so and if it passes, then awesome.
  5. Actually, Patriot has a set of 800 that is suppost to run at 3-4-3-8 at stock; but it's only a 2*1 Gig set. I'm just trying to decide if I want to go XP or Vista. Since XP won't recognize more than 3 gigs; I'm leaning towards that set for now. Underclock it to 667 and see if I can get 3-3-3-8 out of it.
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