Crucial won't go 4-4-4-12

I'm using 2 sticks of Crucial PC6400 at 800MHz. Here's the setup:

Q6600 - settings 333x9
Abit P35-Pro
2.0G Corsair RAM DDR-2 PC6400
(2) 500G Western Digital drives (sata)
Sony DVD/CDRW (sata)
(5) 80mm case cooling fans
CPU Temps always in the 40's

First, the ABIT board has it's lowest setting on the last number, of 15. But when I set the RAM at 4-4-4-15, she won't boot. The RAM is marked right on it, 2.1V and 4,4,4,12

Is this a limitation of my board's settings? This board is brand new as of today, I RMA'd the one that was losing video and crashing all the time. Also upgraded to the GE Force 8800GT 512, over the 8600 256 that I had in the original MB that I returned.

I am running the RAM at 2.15V and the CPU at 1.3 FWIW.
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  1. which is it Crucial or Corsair?

    You'll probably fin the IP35 Pro undervolting the RAM slightly so that your 2.15V setting may in fact be a true 2.10V.

    If it's Crucial Ballistix 6400 it's rated for 2.2V @DDR2 800 4-4-4-
  2. Change TRP to 2T only then it will boot!
  3. turn the voltage up on the MCH a bit
  4. wow wow wow....stop

    Is it Crucial or Corsair??

    Did you go to DDR2 voltage and increase it to 2.1v
    If so....then something is wrong and you should run memtest of a boot CD
  5. I have same problem with Corair xms2 pc6400
  6. Isn't that a huge overclock for a Q6600? Maybe it's not your ram. try it 5-5-5-15 or change to 667mhz for 1 to 1 ratio, or change multiplier to 8, fsb voltage?........prime95 for a few hours..................was this ever stable at 3.0 ghz?

    What happens to your timings with no overclock?

    You could also try one stick at a bad apple spoils the barrel.

    Whichever- ram crucial 2,2v or corsair 2.1v you are 1/2 a 10th away from specs.
  7. Hello, I have 2GB of Crucial ballistix 800mhz and they run 4 4 4 12 @ 2.2v fine, These timings and voltages have to be put in manually in bios, But be advised though because i had to RMA two sets of Crucial ballistix before i had a good pair so test one stick at a time. Whatever you do please leave the setting at 2T and not 1T.

  8. I can run 6400 crrucial 2x1 gig kit at 1069mhz-5,5,5,15, 1.86vdimm OR 800mhz-4,4,4,12 at 1.86vdimm. 2t and all other memory settings at "auto" on ASUS P5-E. Memtest one stick at a time at a lower voltage and work up to but not over default voltage.
  9. I have 4 GB of Corsair XMS DDR2-800 (Rated @ 5-5-5-18)
    Another 4 Gigs on the way.

    Heard reviews stating that the timings of these ram sticks have been successfully reduced. One even stated he got his to 4-4-4-12.

    I am interested to see what I can do with this stuff. Going to be a challenge with 8 Gigs though.

    I may be replacing it fairly quickly with some Patriot ram with quicker delay timings.

    No big deal if I swap it out for better. I payed $160 bucks for the 8 Gigs of Ram... That's a drop in the bucket when considering I am spending $3000 on this build.

    - Witt
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