How to install complete driver? - - 9800XT Catalyst 7.7 gud ?


I am using XP Pro, 9800xt 256mb, driver version 6.11 - No issues.
Just i think i should upgrade now and the latest all drivers are crap for AGP, Eg: 7.8,7.9,7.10

So i narrowed down to Catalyst 7.7 - So is it stable ??

How to download COMPLETE CATALYST 7.7, i mean including - control panel,driver, everything in one pacakage ?
Here is the Link to 7.7
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  1. uhh... just download all 3 components and install them. I don't think they keep the all-in-one package for older drivers.

  2. No All in one, RU Sure ? ... so what shall i be installing 1st then ??

    Display driver or the Catlayst control centre ? correct sequence ?

    Also, do i need to download WDM integrated driver as i am running 9800XT
  3. Plz assist - where can i get catalyst software suit ?
  4. As MrCommunistGen indicated, there doesn't appear to be an all in one package for later drivers. A brief review of the installation instructions (link on the page you provided), shows the following:

    The installer will start to load the display driver first.
    Next you will see the WDM Capture drivers load (for VIVO or All-In-Wonder).
    The Catalyst Control Center setup will start shortly after.
    A dialog box will indicate the install progress.

    Given that these are the three components listed on the download page, I'd recommend installing in that order:

    Driver First, WDM next, and then the Control Panel.

    -Wolf sends
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