Windows not fully loading

HP Pavillion zv5000 p4 windows home svc pack 3
will start to boot... gets to welcome screen, click on user account and it sort of hangs with NO START, no taskbar, and no desktop icons. Have tried to use taskmanager to go to system restore from C: prompt in SafeMode - that pulls up a page that says System Restore but is a blank white screen with no function. Tried F8 on bootup to try safe mode, last known config, and just about every way to get smething going but get met with dead end after dead end. Tried mmc, inoperative, tried recovery console NOPE... etc etc.
Heat sink issues are possible- as it isrunning hot-over 100 C per speed fan...
desire to get into Windows to copy files and programs to external hard drive before repairing heat sink, and or formatting.
Have tried to repair wndows with installation cd- will NOT cooperate.


greatly appreciated

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  1. One possibility is that you may have a virus...I had something similar happen to me. One way of checking is if you have another user account on the computer try to use it...or use the administrator account (I am not referring to your default login, even if it is the admin). To do so, go to the login screen by logging off your account, which should pull up either the place where you can select your name or type a user account in. If you are at the screen where it shows the icons, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and it should bring a screen where you can type in the account name. In the account name type in "administrator" and either leave it blank and try to login, or if you were the one to setup your computer, you might recall what the admin password is...if not, try anything that you could think might be the password.

    If you can login to the admin account and the account actually pulls up the taskbar, icons...ect, then it is more than likely a virus.
  2. Things got worse,
    went to reseat the RAM, cleaned the heat sink, reset the cpu and now...
    black screen- no video signal, no mouse-external nor pad, totally inoperative at this point, yet it turns on and the fans work.


    Thanks for the help
  3. yield!
    RIP the above HP was killed by microhard updates...
    yes software updates from these PIGS caused hardware failure(s), rendering the laptop D-E-A-D!
    congratulations microhard
    you deserve a class less action suit
  4. Wow. Your laptop is completely inoperable? You've got to be kidding me. I'm sorry you had to endure that. You should argue this for a reimbursement.
  5. not kidding, and yes argue - especially when they (MS) admitted they caused it!
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