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Has anyone seen this article?

In theory it would be a much cheaper way to get SSD but with the improvements in HDD we have been seeing I'm not sure it is still worth the money? Does anyone know much about this or how it would compare to a regular SSD drive? I don't know a lot about this stuff so not sure if everything transfers, read/writes the same?
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  1. Well it mentioned getting basically getting a 64 gig ssd drive for $460, which is roughly half of what a 64 gig ssd drive is on newegg.

    Its a pretty good deal if you absolutely must have ssd, however ssd in general is not very useful to most users, including enthusiasts. Getting two raptor x's in raid 0 is pretty much the fastest performance that a user will actually be able to observe.

    For example, with two raptors in raid 0 you might be able to boot up in two or three seconds. With an ssd drive you might be able to boot up in one second. Is one second less worth it to spend hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars more?

    Wait until ssd drops in price like the article mentions, then look into getting it, because it really does not offer much performance benefit that you will improve your computer experience.
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