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Hello all

The other day I was sitting there playing world of warcraft like any other day, when my PC just freezes and nothing works, so I do a hard boot.

I was using windows vista at this stage and every time the loading bar would come up, it would go away like windows was about to load and then it would just sit on a endless black screen. After going into safe mode and doing a system restore I was able to get in to windows once before it froze up on another game, I spent 2 days trying to get into windows before reformating to windows xp.

So, after reforamting and putting windows xp on, everything seemed fine, did my windows updates and all the updates for my mobo etc, had the pc running for about 6 hours with no problems, go to play world of warcraft and within 5 mins my pc froze again.

So back to the same problem, exept this time the bar loads and i get a blue screen that comes up sometimes, but its only up for about 1 second before windows restarts again. It just keeps going to the windows loading bar, will freeze for 2-3 seconds, contiue to load and then restart again by itself.

I left it on for about an hour of cycling through by itself but windows still wont load.

World of warcraft is on a 2nd HD that hasn't been reformated, I thought this might be the cause but my pc also froze when I was just browsing the net and had the same problem loading windows.

Any suggestions? because I'm a bit lost at the moment with what to do, the only other thing I can think of to be the cause would be my ram or gfx card dying? but I hope thats not the case.

Someone please help!
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  1. Tap F8 on startup to access the safe mode menu. Arrow down to disable automatic restart. The next time you get the BSOD, it won't restart, and you'll be able to read the BSOD details.

    Can you run in safe mode without issue?
  2. Yeah I've run it a coupe of times in safe mode since reformating, just cant get into windows. I'll do what you suggested when I get home and see what the error is.
  3. If you can run in safe mode fine, it's likely your graphics driver.
  4. Ok, so I'm at home and did F8 when windows was starting up and disabled automatic restart. Windows loaded fine.

    Now, is there any way of finding the problem from here without running the game and waiting for the big bad freeze and constant restarts of trying to get into windows?

    I guess it would help a little if I posted my PC specs.

    Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.20GHz
    Gigabyte GA-81915P Pro MOBO
    Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT
    2 GB of ram

    Running windows xp home edition
  5. Also would it hurt to run a driver software like Driver Fetch? it scans my pc and checks what drivers are missing and downloads them for me, well so I believe.

    I haven't tried it yet as it could be bad to install too many drivers at once? if something goes wrong then its going to be a lot of drivers to sort through to find the problem lol...
  6. It's best to to install your drivers manually from your manufacturer's website. You don't want some 3rd party software installing incorrect drivers.

    You could also tun on debugging mode to help analyze the next BSOD.

    You could check the event viewer to see if any errors were logged there from previous crashes.

    I would start by checking Nvidia's website for a newer graphics driver.
  7. Installed the latest drivers last night from nvidia, played a game for about 10 mins before pc froze, this time when the screen froze it had heaps of random colours on my screen, and now when I try to load windows the loading bar just freezes, no cycling through or blue screen, it just sits on the loading bar forever.

    Is there a way to check windows log from safe mode to see whats wrong?
  8. Yes, the event viewer is available in safe mode.

    Start-->control panel-->administrative tools-->event viewer. Check under system and application to see if there are errors.
  9. Under system there are quite a few errors for Service Control Manager and a couple SideBySide errors and under application there are a 2-3 Application Hang errors, also there are heaps of warnings for EventSystem
  10. I'm almost at the point of giving up, the sledge hammer is getting closer and closer to making its way inside lol.
  11. If you've got that many errors, I'd recommend a windows repair. It'll be a lot quicker than trying to track down and fix each error. Here's our handy guide.
  12. I've done a couple of windows repairs now, but something is causing all these errors over and over each time I try to play a game, its even done it once while I was just browsing the net. Could it be my gfx card dying? or maybe faulty ram?
  13. It's most likely driver related. But there are several other things that can cause a system to have mass errors, such as malware, registry errors, system file corruption, faulty hardware...etc.

    The best/quickest way I can recommend, is to do the windows repair and then check the event viewer again. If the errors continue, I'd do a fresh windows install. Once you've gotten to a point where the system is running well, make sure you get a good AV.
  14. I use NOD32 and CCleaner and do regular scans, so a virus is possible but not likely. Also if it was a virus, wouldn't the reformat I did get rid of it and fix any possible registry errors?

    I have not done a reformat of the 2nd HDD I use so that could also be a problem? as the games I play are on that HDD.

    But yeah, I'll just wait until tommorrow when I get my windows CD back, do another windows repair and if I'm still having problems I'll do a fresh windows install.

    I'm not confident it will fix the issue so you'll probably hear from me within a day or so lol.

    Thanks for all the help so far aford10, really appreciate it mate.
  15. Do you do the scans in safe mode? If not, and there is an infection, it could be suppressing the scanner.

    If you end up doing a fresh install on your primary drive, you may want to run a scan on the 2nd drive before installing anything from it.

    If you need further help, just let us know. Good luck.
  16. Nah I don't think I've ever done a scan of any kind in safe mode.

    Do you use software of any kind to find missing drivers you need? or do you just do it all manually?
  17. I always install the drivers manually. I don't trust those 3rd party installers, and it's not too difficult to find the correct driver.

    One of the best ways to scan your computer for infections, is to boot into safe mode with networking. Download, install, and update Malwarebytes. Then do a full system scan. It's one of the best scanners available.
  18. Cheers, will give that a go now. Should I always be doing my scans in safe mode?
  19. Yes. Most malware is dormant in safe mode since only minimal services and programs run. There's much less of a chance for malware to effect the scan. I would suggest running in safe mode with networking, so you have network services, and can update the scanner before the scan.
  20. Well, I did a windows repair and still had trouble loading windows so did a fresh install of windows.

    After doing my updates I was certain I might have possibly solved my problem! then went to browse the net when windows shut down again.

    I took turns at switching my ram out to see if my ram was faulty or dying but to no avail, so that rules out ram problem.

    Does that now rule out everything apart from my GFX card?
  21. It does rule out a couple things.

    Have you checked the event viewer to see if it logged any error at the time it shut down?

    Did it shut down or restart? Did you see a BSOD?

    Had you installed your graphics driver before it shut down?
  22. It just freezes, its like my PC slows down to a crawl of like 0.0001fps, every 10 seconds or so my cursor might move slightly. Also heaps of random pixelated colors just appear all over my screen.

    From there I have to restart my PC manually, it doesn't actually restart or shut down by itself, it will just sit there frozen for eons. I no longer get the blue screen of death either, the windows bar just freezes then my system just locks up.

    I can tell as soon as I see the windows screen if windows will load or not, the windows logo etc is all pixelated when windows doesn't want to load.

    Just looked at the event viewer and there are heaps of errors. Under application there are only a few Application Hang errors and a couple of WinMgmt warnings, as for system, there are a lots of errors for Service Control Manager, DCOM, Dhcp, SideBySide and 1 error for cdrom.

    As for the driver part, yes I had installed a driver prior to it freezing, I have tried multiple drivers after each crash to try find a stable one, if that is indeed the problem.
  23. The description of the pixelated display makes me think of the graphics driver.

    You have that many errors in the event viewer after a fresh windows install?
  24. Yeah, after a day or so of constant crashes.
  25. I've tried so many graphics drivers =/
  26. Try this. Start-->run--> sfc /scannow
  27. Artifacting (those random pixilated colors/shapes all over your screen) is a graphics issue. This could be bad drivers but you have done fresh installs of the OS and drivers so I doubt that is it. The graphics card could also be failing OR it may be overheating. When was the last time you cleaned the dust out of your system?
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