Malware - Zeroacess infection?


So i believe i have infected my PC with some form of malware.
My Anti-Virus (Sophos) detected 3 items,
and a third item that i've forgotten, i believe sophos wiped it.

Sophos also killed off the HIPS item above, however was unable to touch Xsecva.

It spawned in my roaming folder along with 2 other files; sctasp.dll & texet.dll.
I managed to delete the xsecva folder along with the app inside it, as well the texet file but cannot seem to kill off the sctasp.dll as it is apparently open with the process rundll32.exe.

Further more, there are two internet explorer processes running in task manager, and i don't have any internet page open (posting via laptop), and they are changing in memory, so they're clearly active.
If i try to kill them off they just respawn 10 seconds later.

Everything i've mentioned above i've scanned with sophos and malwarebytes; nothing detected.

Clearly there is some BS at work on my PC so i've taken it off the internet for now incase those files are communicating with someone/something online.

Any advice?
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  1. Also, i'd like to note that nothing has actually happened yet.. so to speak.
    No irregularities and nothing appears to be deleted. -knock on wood-
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