Prime95 Stable, but Super Pi Fails 32M test in Vista [Solution Inside]

I have an overclocked Q6600 (3.0ghz, 9x333) on Asus P5k deluxe (0603)

It ran stable on Prime95 v25.5 (4 threads 100% load, small fft for more than 12hours)

But fails just one instance (approx 25 % load) of Super Pi v1.5 32M test

It completed 16K, 32K, 64K, 128K, 256K, 512K, 1M, 2M, 4M

16K: completed in 00.179s

4M: completed in 1m 37.124s

8M: failed after 3m 19.413s Loop 21

16M: failed 5m 41.531s Loop17

32M: failed in 6m 18.938s Loop9

All of them one instance runs, and also times vary slightly for different runs..

Memory: 4 x 1 gb Crucial Ballistix Tracer 800mhz (4-4-4-12) FSB>DRAM, 5:6 (333:400)

Os: Vista Ulimate 32bit (3.3gb Ram)

PSU : Rosewell 750W

Load: 56c, Idle: 38c (Zalman 9700NT)

Vcore: Bios: 1.3125v

Vcore Idle: 1.2480v

Vcore Load: 1.2320v

Is my system stable since it passes Prime95 (4Threads 100%) ?
Why is it failing just one instance of Super Pi v1.5 @ 25%load ???

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  1. Also to note:
    Round off was selected on Prime95...& I ran the small ffts test
    But priority was set to 1.. From another forum i got the suggestion to set the priority to "10"
    Should I run again with Worker thread priority 10 ???

  2. Finally found the solution !!!

    I ran Super Pi 32M under stock settings, however it
    failed. This lead me to think that it
    was rather a OS/Program issue than a stable overclock issue. So I started searching for Vista Super Pi

    And the windows vista services that affect Super Pi are,1) Windows Audio Service2) Themes3) Aeroglass Interface

    By turning these off, I was able to run and complete Super
    Pi v1.5 32M test.

    1) To turn off Windows Audio Service ( start>
    run> services.msc, find Windows Audio on the list , double click and stop it)
    Turning off "Windows Audio Endpoint Builder" is
    not necessary unless you encounter problem.

    2) To turn off Themes ( start> run>
    services.msc, find Themes on the list , double click and stop it ) this will
    also make you turn off tune up theme extension.

    3) Aeroglass automatically turns off by turning off
    themes. (you can check it by right clicking on desktop>Personalize>Window
    Color and Appearance>Color Scheme )

    Another way to disable Audio service:
    To disable sound just for SuperPI and then quickly turn it
    on. Create two .bat files on the desktop

    net stop "AudioSrv"


    net start "AudioSrv"

    I found that it is not necessary to run the program as an
    administrator or Windows XP SP2 Compatibility mode. But I tried both ways, it

    I also found a Super PI front-end called Hyper PI

    The author claims it is pure Super PI 1.5 MOD XS and it is
    customized for multi-core CPU's: " Run multiple instances of SPI (one
    for each processor) and configure the priority of the process easily (without
    Task Manager).Take a snapshot of all instances at anytime with only one click!"

    I personally wasn't able to download it becasue of some server problem.


    "If you can't get the hyper Pi program, and want to run multiple instances of Super Pi for
    your Dual or Quad Core, then run the exe from different folders. For
    example, if you want four instances of Super Pi to load Quad Core, then
    make four separate folders, copy the exe into each, and run from each
    folder. Because if you run the same SuperPI exe to load twice (from the
    same icon) the initial data is overwritten by the "second running
    instance." Therefore, what was correct for the first core, or HT in
    your case, is now being overwritten with the second core's info and it
    throws out an error "Not convergent in SQR05". There's a little .dat
    file that's keeping all of the data"

    So I now declare that my Overclock is stable !!!
  3. Good work, I bought OEM Vista basic which is missing AeroGlass. I didn't turn off anything else, so I think even more specifically it could be an AeroGlass thing. Again, good job.

    Now that I think about it I only ran the 1M test at most, I'll give it a try for fun and see what happens.
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