Adobe CS4 Master Suite automatically converts jpg files to "png" and "php' files


On two computers- Dell Precision T5400 and Optiplex 740, for most-( 99% ) of my photo editing I use Corel Photopaint X5. I started with Corel 3 in 1993 and my current Technical Designer Suite X5 has more capabilities than I use.

The same computers have Adobe products including Acrobat and CS4 Master Collection.

> The thing is, Adobe seems to randomly rename some jpg files created in PhotoPaint to *.png and *.php. Currently, there are 186 files renamed this way, none of which have ever been opened in CS4. Files are still useable in Corel, but the renamed files do not display in previews.

I have tried making all jpg, png and php formats associated with Photopaint, and manually renamed files, but still no previews in X5.

I'm not excited about tossing out CS4 but over time, but I only ever seem to be annoyed by Adobe- updates, renaming files,player crashes, -rather than getting something done. It spends more time and effort crying for attention than working.

Any ideas What's going on?


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  1. When you say you renamed the files does that mean you changed the file extension or just the file name or both? I have been using the CS suites for a while now and never had this happen. Have you tried any of the forums on the Adobe site to see if anyone else is having a similar problem?
  2. A program, much less Adobe CS changing extensions of files by itself?? That sounds like a virus... I've never heard of anything like that.
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