WD Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS & Vista ??

So i got a WD Caviar SE16 WD5000AAKS (500Gb) today got home, hooked it up and......nothing.

Funny thing is it shows up in my device Manager and says I have the most current driver, but it does not show up in the "My Computer" area or anywhere else. I am running Vista Ultimate 64. Is there a compatibility issue or something? The box says its "Vista Ready" but the software with it won't install because it's "only compatible with 2000, Server, & XP.

WD site only had the same software that's on the CD available for download. And of course the CS Dept is closed at this time.

Thanks in advance for any info!!
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  1. It needs formatted. You can format it with a windows disk or just go into disk management and format it there.
  2. thanks man i just was about to post i got it going. ...i thought drives usually show up in my computer and you format them there or in disk management. I assumed since it wasn't in my computer then it wouldn't be in DM either.

  3. Your welcome.
  4. I am trying this too but I keep getting the message "The operation cannot be completed because the disk is not initialized." I thought that is what I was trying to do. How do I initialize the hard disk so I can then format it?
  5. Same way... Disk management right click on the disk and click initialize... you may need to reboot after doing this.
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