SB Live or SoundMax integrated audio.


I've got hold on some old Creative Sound Blaster Live! cards. It seems to be the Value edition (Modell CT4830).

So, here's the dilemma. I've got a rather powerfull computer with a Asus P5N SLI motherboard, which uses a SoundMax HD audio chip. Is this much better than the SB?

I use my pc for gaming, mp3's, and movies.

Is it any point in changing? Would it improve anything?
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  1. i have an old sound max chip and hate it, love the live! series. Sound cards are better than 99% of onboard sound. The sound quality will be better.
  2. Agree. Even the old Live! Value has EAX which really does make a noticeable difference in EAX enabled games.
  3. after my aug2 plat ex died i had to use my old live card and i didnt even notice the diff, its a great card till x-fi came out :)
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