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I'm thinking about upgrading my processor from and Athlon 64 X2 3800+ (65W model) to a black edition Athlon 64 X2 5000+. Newegg is selling the 5000+ for $99 with free shipping, but it doesn't include any cooling. However, I have the stock cooler from my 3800+; would that cooler work fine with the 5000+? I'm thinking about trying *a little* overclocking--no overvoltage--for the first time. (My current rig is my first BYO machine. I have been reading a little about overclocking and read a good article at Tom's about the 5000+: I was planning to use that article as the model for my first overclock attempt. That article Would the stock cooling from my 3800 work for a little overclocking, or would I need a better fan for that?

If you can't tell, I'm a little new to the BYO and overclocking world. All the help that you hardware savy guys can offer will be appreciated.

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  1. I'm giving myself one bump to see if I can find out the answer to my question.
  2. It should work if you leave it at stock. However, if you want to do any overclocking, I would get a better heatsink.
  3. :bounce: hi, if you plan to overclock i would go for a zalman am2 flower 9500 have one on my x2 6000+ core its running at 3.26ghz at the mo for the t.i.m i would use as5 (artic silver 5) fantastic job of keeping the cpu cooler the hsf fan can go to 3650rpm mines at 2850rpm let us know if you overclock and post the results hope this is any good for information.
  4. If you have enough space in your case, look into a ZEROTherm Nirvana.
    it keeps my 5000+ OC'ed to 3.2 at about 30c to 48c (using Arctic Silver Ceramique)
  5. Try an Arctic Cooling Freezer7 Pro?
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