pc switches off when sony dvd writer activated using xp home sp2

System XP HOME SP2 (pc works fine but as soon as i put a dvd in the writer the pc switches off any one else had the problem before?
I have installed a sony dvd writer which was working fine for approx 6 months, only recently the problem has been happening.
I did notice after using a writing program a patin couffin (vso driver) file on my pc within the hardware files which i thought may have caused the problem but now i have unistalled the program & the pcvso driver but the problem persists. HELP!!)
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  1. Probably some Sony DRM crap. I wouldnt use any of Sonys crappy products.

    Sony= high price junk IMHO.
  2. Since the Sony DVD writer was working fine for 6 months, I'd guess that either a new driver got downloaded and is causing the problem, or more likely the DVD writer/drive has shorted out and when you try to use it, the short kills the PC. I'm assuming that the DVD writer/drive is still hooked up as the problem persists. Also, do a search to make sure you removed all trace of the suspect vso driver file and run a virus check to make sure your computer didn't catch something it doesn't like.

    Unplug the Sony and see if the computer works normally without it. If it does, try a different CD/DVD drive and see what happens, If the computer works fine with the new CD/DVD drive, you've confirmed the culprit. If the computer dies as soon as you try to use the new drive, than either the mobo or the PSU may have a problem.
  3. Thanks for the information, just tried my old dvd writer(atapi dual) which i still have after removing the sony hardware from system.
    But the pc still switched off when trying to use the writer, never had this problem before any idea's?
  4. Well I have tried everything I can possibly do, check my power source ,tried another ide ribbon, tried a different dvd writer, removed cpu fan & housing and reapplied grease, reseated my strips of ram,but none of this worked.

    I think I have cracked it, I've removed avg 8.0 from system and problem stopped. now reinstalled my previous version 7.5 which does not have any conflict and does not use to much resource. I would never had thought my antivirus would cause so much trouble.
    I hope no one is suffering the frustration I've had with this problem but if you are and you have avg8.0 try removing it.
  5. Glad you found the problem. Never would have though about checking the anti-virus program. That's the type of thing that drives people to the nuthouse. Something is wrong, yet everything checks out as good. I was thinking a driver, but an anti-virus? You might write up what happened and sent it to AVG so they can try to diagnose and solve the problem. Doing that, you could help save other people some grief, not to mention headaches.
  6. i think i may have the same problem with my LG drive, although it only BSODs on me when i put cheap CD-R media in it.
    AVG.8 has caused issues with Steam for me, so i will try uninstalling it and see what happens.

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