Domain Controller vs Workgroup server?

I have 2 Desktop PC's (both running windows server 2k3)on a small home network and some times i may hook up a laptop or two.

So far i haveregistered them both on a workroup network,but i keep hearing something about domains and stuff,but i dont know anything deep as far as networks go.Will i have any serious advantages if i set them up on a domain?
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  1. No. Why are you running Windows Server 2k3 anyway?

  2. They have lots of features which i maynever use,but hey are a lot more stable than XP,and liter in my opinion,so why not?

    So anyway what would i gain if i set up a domain controller?

    Will i have better and easier access to the files?The first PC downloads the files (Internet PC) and the other PC is my main one where i handle the downloaded files and mainly stream media and play them back on the main PC.
  3. There is no advantage.

  4. Switching to a domain controller in your situation will result in a nightmare and won't benefit you in any way.
  5. As Grumpy has already said, there are no benefits by running Server 2k3, quite the opposite, I can think of a whole host of reasons as to why you wouldnt want to run server software on a desktop.

    By the time you've loaded 2k3 up with all the software one typically runs on a desktop pc it will probably be more unstable than XP because its not meant to handle that.

    Also games & other apps are not designed to run on an NT OS.

    Networking with 2k3 is massively complicated for a beginner and if you dont know what you're doing you will just end up going round in circles for hours when all you want to do is share a folder!

    Short story.... install XP Pro for a start.

    Then either have a PC kept in the cupboard under the stairs and run 2k3 on it and run your own small domain and also use it as a file server etc. Or stick with a workgroup and if you still like the idea of having a server then try Windows Home Server.

    But use server software as that, a Server.

    Crazy fool!
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