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So thanks to this forum i was finally able to build my first PC. It went very smoothly and was an amazing learning experience.

one question though.

In my bios it says my cpu temp is 76C is that ok.

the case temp is 33C

I have a
Giga P35 ds3l mobo
crucial ballistix 2gb pc 6400
corsair 520hx
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  1. Probably not if it is accurate. You overclocked I assume? If so how much?
  2. A Intel E2180? Thats a lower end CPU and according to some reviews on NewEgg, it runs at 56c stock.

    I have a Q6600 and runs at 31c-38c idle and 45c-50c under load with a Zalman CPNS 9700 cooler.

    I would suggest getting a new aftermarket cooler because at the temperature I am sure it will burn out pretty fast and normaly the BIOS is not off by much. The same cooler I got is about 49-60 bucks but worth every penny.

    I will admit its strange that it show that temp for the CPU but the mobo is running very cool.
  3. The E2180 runs cooler then a Q6600 by far. If its to hot the HS is not installed correct or its OC to high. The E2180 is the same die as the first core2duos (kentsfield) Its stipped down to 1mb cache so therefore it runs cooler.
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