Premier Pro cs5.5 & Ati Graphics Card


Im going to be using Premier Pro CS 5.5 for video editing on my Pc.

I heard that it is best to have a Nvidia Graphics card as the software in Premier can make use of CUDA graphics acceleration to improve the performance of the Premier software.

This will involve buying a whole new card, but if i keep the one i already have, will i really see any noticeable difference if i upgrade simply for the use of CUDA?

What improvements will i 'actually' see in throwing away my XFX Radeon Hd 6870, and replacing it with a GigaByte Nvidia GTX 560Ti ?..?..?

Is it worth it, i mean, what are the 'real time' benefits here, do they out weight the trouble and cost ill need to invest, the Radeon 'is' good, surely Premier Pro will use 'some' of the 6870 capability,...?

Can anyone advise? Thank you so much. Tom
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  1. Here are some links that can answer your question better than I can:

    From personal experience using both Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and now CS 6 I can tell a difference in the amount of time it takes to render and encode clips.
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