Bad DVI cable or Graphic Card - - Snaps attached

I am having ATI 9800XT now the problem is My lcd is working fine with the VGA cable but when i use DVI cable the entire screen gets corrupted and sumtime screen displays just red color....

Its not a display problem, as i have throughly checked... rest assured...

So, u think DVI cable is bad or the GPU itself ? When this type thing generally happen ?

PS: I used this DVI cable before with my PC and it was working flawlessly.
Can't check with other cable or other machine!
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  1. if it works with the vga and not withe dvi it's the dvi
  2. Use an adapter on the DVI port of the video card to go to VGA. If it works fine then the DVI cable you have is bad.
  3. If it's not a "bend" inside the cable itself causing the problem, check ALL DVI connectors for bent pins. This includes both ends of the cable, the video card DVI connector, and also the connector on the flat panel itself. There could also be something wrong with the internal DVI connection on the LCD.
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