Add old XP OS HDD to existing Vista PC & make PC dual boot????

I have read through the forums and could not find the difinative answer to my question. My wife had a XP Pro PC that had hardware failure. The HDD with XP is still good. Wife needs to utilize programs on the XP HDD which are licensed to the HDD serial number. I can't transfer the programs to Vista PC without loosing licensed software. I have a good Vista PC using a SATA HDD. It has an open IDE port that I can connect the XP HDD to. If I could install this XP HDD in the Vista PC and make the Vista PC dual boot she could still use the licensed software on the XP HDD. Can this be done??? If so lend me your suggestions. This will really get us out of a pinch until I can make arrangements to purchase updated software this summer.
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  1. You will be better off buying the same model PC and using the drive there. If you try to get it working your way, you have a good chance of making neither OS boot.
  2. I sort of figure that might be the answer. Thanks for the reply.
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