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I downloaded bitTorrent and WinZip Registry Optimizer 2.0 came with it. I've used winzip before so i trust the name but i was just wondering is it a good idea to clean/optimize my registry files or whatever its called?

I clicked "Scan registry" and it says there is 226 registry error and my computer is fairly new.

I'm just wondering if it's a good idea to use this program or could it potentially delete files or screw things up? Any advice would help!
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    There are always dangers with modifying the registry which could indeed screw things up for installed programs.

    The age of your PC has little to do with the state of the registry. Even installing and uninstalling programs can add or leave behind things that aren't required.

    I can't speak for the winzip registry optimizer but I've used CCleaner in the past with success. I'd always be wary of running any application that came tagged along with something else. There is every chance that the additional application claims to be something it's not.
  2. Yup CCleaner worked don't bother with WinZip Registry Optimizer it's trash, It will scan then make you pay to actually fix the problems.
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