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I have a really irritating problem at the moment. I have a Windows XP 32 bit machine, and when I log on as one of the users, I get a first application error that reads ‘AdobeARM.exe Application Error’, which I click Ok on. Then straight after I get another application error that read ‘mobsync.exe Application Error’. Everything on this user account is disoriented, by this I mean there is no start button, there is icons on the desktop, but they’re really bad quality and don’t look the same. When I press the Windows key on my keyboard, that start menu comes up in the top left hand corner (it should come up in the bottom right, as I haven’t changed any settings). All I can do from the start menu is log off and shut down. I can also access My Computer if I use windows key and ‘E’, but again the icons look really disorientated and don’t look normal.

The strange thing is, this is only one user account, I can log onto any other user account and it will be fine, but the one thing I have noticed is when I try to open Adobe Reader X, I get an error message about the core dll file cannot be found or something similar anyway. On first thought, it looks like the AdobeARM.exe error may be linked with the core dll error I get when I open Adobe Reader on another user account.

I have reinstalled Adobe Reader, I have deleted the user account and re-logged in to try and solve the problem, but neither of these worked.

Would anyone have any advice on a next step to take?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I'd suggest reinstalling windows, it sounds like windows files are damaged if recreating account doesn't work.
  2. Surely that doesn't explain why everyone else who logs in on that PC still works? (apart from Adobe obviously).
  3. If this was a standard user account, it may be possible it got infected and due to it being a standard user account, it could only wreak havoc on the files this user had access to. Of course a corrupt user profile acts this way too.

    Apart rom that, I'm not sure why reinstalling acrobat didn't fix it. You can try uninstalling acrobat with ccleaner to make sure it got rid of it all before reinstalling.
  4. I had to reinstall Windows in the end, i then went through the installation exactly how i did before and created restore points, everything is working fine so i can only imagine something was corrupt, thanks for he reply.
  5. Glad you managed to solve it :).
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