New system won't boot, can't find POST codes from mfg

New build:

Old tower case (plenty of bays)
New Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P rev 2.0
Intel quad core 6600
transferred eVGA e-GeForce 7900 GS KO from other PC to PCIE_1 slot
Ultra-V 500W PSU (which had good ratings, and I shouldn't be drawing that much power)
old PS2 mouse and keyboard from other PC
Corsair 2x2GB RAM (4GB total) tried each individually, and together (DDR2, someone else on TH forums indicated they were using this RAM on this MB without a problem)
2 old IDE drives from old PC just to test to make sure everything powers up properly before adding SATA drive and new OS. Contains Win98 OS.

1st boot attempt (with only one RAM module installed): Booted through 98, then got an error 'not enough memory' and PC shut itself down. Possibly bad memory module? Switched memory module with the other one to check

Get POST 3 beeps followed by 8 beeps, followed by 3 beeps. Sounds like the hard drive(s) are powering down between each set of beeps.

Exchanged the memory modules again, still getting POST, did not make it to Win98 bootup this time

Tried both memory modules, still getting POST.

Motherboard manual does not include what 3 or 8 POST beeps means, and search function on manufacturer's website can't find a list of POST codes.

Since it all booted up once, it doesn't seem like a video or power issue, but it also seems strange that I can't get the Win98 back even with the original configuration.

Any ideas? The only other idea I have is maybe when Win98 fails it wants to do scandisk, would that somehow cause a problem here? I disassembled the Win98 PC already, so i can't put it back to do scandisk.

If anyone has a list of the post codes for this mainboard (or other ideas), I'd be very appreciative!

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  1. Did the Hard drive come out of another computer with Windows already installed? If so that is the problem. You will have to format the drive and do a new Windows install. All your old hardware info is on the HD and the computer cant find what its lookin for because it is no loner there. Once you reformy you should be fine.

    Are you sticking with 98 or upgrading to Xp, Vista.
  2. I was just using the old drive to make sure the setup was working properly. Win98 loaded up till the "insufficient memory" error, and it seems like the MB should have just passed the memory through, so part of my confusion is that it only loaded the once.

    Since I do plan to upgrade to Vista on a SATA drive, I went ahead and changed the drive out with an unformatted SATA HD. Still get the same 3-8-3 POST beeps, the monitor never comes on. I'd think that it would at least come up to BIOS or some sort of error onscreen if it was just a HD without a valid OS. I haven't put in my SATA CD/DVD drive yet, but I don't think that matters because I never even have anything come on the monitor that would allow me to enter BIOS and change the boot order or settings.

    Thanks for any additional advice,
  3. Reset the cmos and try sata drive again. Try with only one stick or ram also after resetting.
  4. I re-seated the CPU (and put new thermal grease on it), then the RAM (sticking to 2GB), and put in both a SATA HD and CD/DVD.

    It is up and running! Now in the process of installing Vista.

    Many thanks!
  5. Sweet! Hope all goes well.
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