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Has anyone located a fix for the NTVDM system error in Windows XP? The error comes when you test NTVDM with the command.com command in the DOS RUN box.
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  1. Hello: you can give the following procedure a spin

    1) Windows XP uses a virtual DOS machine (NTVDM) to emulate MS-DOS. The
    NTVDM must be working in order for your MS-DOS programs to run.

    To test the NTVDM subsystem

    Click <Start/Run>.
    In the Open box, type command.com, and then click OK.
    If a Command Prompt window opens, your NTVDM subsystem works.

    If a Command Prompt window doesn't open, there is a problem with the
    NTVDM subsystem.

    This file (ntvdm.exe) is provided with your WinXP distribution
    CD, so, if corrupted (mostly by virus), you may extract it from
    there, or reinstall Windows XP on top of itself.

    2) in windows XP CD there is utility called QFixapp
    just install it & it will identify any file that wouldn't open and
    it will create a fix that should work especially if your getting an Error related to NTVDM.exe

    3) you could also try Try the following it could help you out:

    Select My Computer -> Properties -> Advanced -> Environment Variables -> User environment variable

    Set TEMP and TMP to c:\temp

    16 bit applications can't manage the spaces or long file
    names, and will generate ntvdm errors, even if they are not
    explicitly referencing the TEMP directory.

    If the above won't work then check Microsoft:


    Finally:you should try a registry Repair for instance Regcure

    & a Malware Scan For Instance Anti-Malware - Malwarebytes


    Good luck..
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