Adobe Acrobat 8 pro switches between windows on its own

I have been looking to resolve this issue for months, but searching the internet is the exact opposite of helpful, so I'm going to ask you guys myself.

I have a user on Windows XP, roaming profile, Adobe 8.3.1.
When he has more than one pdf open, he'll notice that it will randomly switch between them, pushing one or the other up to the front. He's noticed this most often when he'll try to save one of the documents, it'll magically switch over to the other while he's working and save the wrong one.

Since this happened, I have replaced the hardware, used a different image, reinstalled Adobe Acrobat, and replaced his roaming profile. None of these things seem to have resolved this issue. What am I missing?

EDIT: I decided to move his profile to a brand new machine to see if I could replicate the issue. maybe clear his profile and start over. Everything was working perfectly before I loaded the user's profile onto it. Replicated the issue. Went back to the administrator account... and now it's happening on the admin account of this other local machine.
Gonna try malwarebytes and antivirus, but it seems weird that it would only affect windows with pdf docs.
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  1. Does this happen only when he's on the computer or when others use it? Are you sure he's not just clicking on the other files? Maybe using Alt-Tab or something? It does not sound like anything that the computer would do on it's own.

    Every time I have seen this unexplained moving around of icons, program windows closing, moving, mouse cursor jumping around, it's the user clicking in the wrong area. Usually happens with a laptop when they hit the track pad with their palms.

    Make sure all the Adobe files are maximized, and see what he does.
  2. I thought it might be the alt-tab, hell I replaced his keyboard in case something was wrong and the alt or tab keys might be misfiring, but no, that's not the issue. Replaced mouse in case there was a connection issue to no avail. I've been able to replicate it on another machine and it seems to be only when opening a pdf when one is already open. or moving between pdf's that are active. In moving back and forth between pdf docs you have open it forces you to doubleclick on the pdf in the taskbar to get it to switch to the document you want.
    The exceptions to this issue are if you minimize one of them everything's fine. If you go from pdf to word to other pdf, still fine.
    The system is a Dell Optiplex 790 Desktop on Windows XP SP3, adobe acrobat 8.3.1
  3. Is this in the full Acrobat version? You have two documents open, are they in their own windows or re-using the same program window? See if this option can help you "Preferences->Documents->Show Each document in its own window"

    Note that this looks to have been removed from version 9 and maybe newer versions.
  4. Full Acrobat 8 Pro. That's already checked, and is part of the problem actually. They're already in seperate windows, and when one opens it acts like the first pdf window is the most important one unless you force it by minimizing the primary one, alt-tab, or doubleclicking on the tab to switch between them. It's weird as hell, but it has to have happened somewhere before...
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