Chkdsk freezing or text going offscreen?

right now i'm running chkdsk /r on my other computer, the text reached the bottom of the screen with
'windows replaced bad clusters in file
of name etc'

and the 'percent complete' line isn't under it, does it go offscreen or has it frozen?
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  1. It doesn't go offscreen. The chkdsk can take a significan't amount of time to complete. How long has it been on that line?
  2. over 30 minutes now
  3. Hi:

    How to Use Chkdsk in Windows XP

    If the /R switch is in effect, Chkdsk runs two more passes to
    look for bad sectors. During stage 4, Chkdsk verifies all clusters
    in use; during stage 5, Chkdsk verifies unused clusters. Note that
    this process can be quite lengthy. taking many hours.


    Interrupting the Chkdsk process when it is used with
    the /F or the /R switch is not recommended. The integrity
    of the disk can be compromised by stopping the process. Do
    not start a scan if a thunderstorm is expected and you are
    subject to power failures. I also strongly advise an uninterruptible
    power supply to guard against short-term power outages or fluctuation

    NTFS errors chkdsk /r or /f won't fix


  4. Quote:
    over 30 minutes now

    Try giving it a couple hours to see if it goes anywhere. If it's found some damaged sectors and is trying to repair them, it will take even longer than just the chkdsk scan.
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