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How do i move OS from harddrive to SSD ? and format the harddrive?

Currently i have my OS on my old HDD, i bought new SSD and i now i need to move the whole OS (win 7 oem version) to the new SSD so i can close and open it faster. How do i do that? please show step by step ( give pics if possible)

Plus, i tried to format my old HDD and it said that the HDD is containing the Windows version i am using, so i guess after i move my OS to the SSD i can format the HDD right? If so, how can i format the HDD? When i right click on the C drive, i see the open "format" but i dont know what to do after that.
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  1. There are many options.

    The easy safe solution is to,
    A) Remove existing HDD & connect SSD instead.
    B) Install a fresh copy of Windows on SSD from DVD.
    C) Reconnect HDD
    D) Change the disk boot order in BIOS to make SSD 1st boot drive
    E) Copy across any files you need from HDD and re-install apps you need.
    F) Remove and keep old HHD as backup, and don't reformat it.

    Other options include imaging HDD drive and copying image to SSD. But you can run into problems if SSD is smaller than HDD (as they often are).
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    Cloning from a hard drive to an SSD will not fix the sector alignment problem. Your SSD will under perform. It's best to resintall the OS onto the SSD. Be sure to switch the bios to AHCI before installing windows. Also, make sure only the SSD is attached when installing the OS. Attach the remaining deives after the OS is finished installing.
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