Which Mobo Would be best out of these 3

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  1. Shirt said:

    Gigabytle P35 for single ATI graphics card.
  2. I agree P35
  3. The zipzoomfly is an open box, be careful.
  4. No Way ..

    Go with the nForce 680i SLi ..

    It's future proof, and you can run 2 video cards later.

    And also has 2x 1GB Network connections.

    Although I would personally go for the BFG Tech Version.

    BFG Tech BFGRINF680iLTS LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i LT SLI ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
  5. OP can't run two 2900's in SLI on an nforce 680I. He is buying a 2900.
  6. Good reason to go with nVidia then ... !!!

    ATI is way behind on the game now, along with AMD
  7. The P35 kills the 680i.
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