Graphic Card, CPU, RAM Combo Issue - Upgrade Help

I am trying to find the cheapest and most effective upgrade combo.

My System:

AMD 64 3500+ Venice
1 GB Corsair Value-Pack AMD (512x2 in Dual Channel)
Socket 939 MSI Neo NForce 4 Motherboard with PCI-E 16x slot
10k Raptor 75gb Western Digital HD
7.2k 200gb Seagate HD
7.2k 300gb Seagate HD

What I plan on:

- I have bought a Antec Earthwatt 430W for $29.99
- Plan on NOT buying the x1950pro for $130 and waiting for the 8800GT instead

My Questions/Concerns:

- Should I buy 1 more gb of ram for $55? to have a total of 2gb?
- Should I upgrade my CPU for about $65 to a AMD 4200+ Dual Core? I don't plan on AM2 because that would end up costing too much (this will be done in the future).
- Will i see a significant difference in game, in doing either of these AFTER i have the 8800GT up and running?

Reminder: I want to spend as little as possible, while making the most of it. I will being a full upgrade in like...1 this is just to run current games well.
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  1. 1. Ouch, some people hate(with a passion) the Antec Earthwatt. I'm not sure a 430W PSU will handle our system. I mean, the GT alone is ~110W.
    2. You do realize the cheapest GT will (supposedly) be $199 and the 512MB will (supposedly) be $249.
    3. Yes, I would buy more ram. If you look for deal you can find 2GB kits(2x1GB) for around $55 after MIR.
    4. I really don't know if the 4200 would justify being bought. I doubt there would be a huge performance boost. Is your current one a single core? What is your clock/GHz?
    5. The basic minimum for games now-a-days is 2GB. It really does depend on what games you are playing, though. Buying the 8800GT will show an performance boost(In my opinion). I don't know if the performance boost would be with $65 for the CPU.

  2. Psu is ok-30amps
    Get the ram and the 8800GT
    The 8800GT 512mb is the 1st release ($250)?
    256mb later release
  3. Myself, I would look at building a new computer around an AM2 or 775 motherboard.
    Even with a new cpu and 2 gigs of ram and that 8800GT, you may still be disappointed with the overall performance.
    And what ever you do, don't jam that earthwatts psu it the box that you may build or currently have.
    Start with a great power supply and build up from there.

    I really like PCPower for psu's.

    The great games today require lots of power from the computer components.

    It will take some research, find what you want as to games, eye candy, and build from there.

    Lots of info in the forums, here and elsewhere.

    Have fun
  4. im not planning on building a new computer for another year or so. I am just looking for the most effective upgrade I can do now, by spending the least amount of money.

    - 2 gb ram + 8800GT? So far that is what it seems like is worth doing.
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