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Problem 1) Within the past month, since moving in with my older brother and being on a new internet connection, I've been having problems with all flash videos I try to play. Either on youtube or some other random site, they will load a little bit then stop completely and just sit in buffering forever. If I click ahead of that specific moment in the video, it starts loading again and then will stop again. It does it in Chrome AND Internet Explorer. I would clear the cache in chrome and IE and it would work for 5 mins as normal then start doing it again.

Problem 1.1) Along with the flash problems, I'm noticing that whenever I go to look a photos online, say on Photo Bucket, 1 out of every 5 images is distorted and has several artifacts in it when I try to enlarge it from it's sample icon to normal size. But it doesn't do it when I'm viewing photos I have saved on my computer.

Solutions to Problem 1 I've already tired that haven't worked) Reinstalling Chrome, reinstalling Adobe Flash Player 11, reinstalling Java, clearing cache everywhere, disable all add-ons, change security levels, disable hardware acceleration, wiping hard drive and reinstalling everything, restarting router and computer

Problem 2) While trying to solve problem 1 by doing a video driver update, I noticed problem 2. Whenever I go to download a file that is any larger than about 100kb, windows says it's corrupted when I try to open the file or run the program I just downloaded.

Solutions to Problem 2 I read about) I looked around on google and some people are saying that the internet connection is too slow and it's only downloading parts of the file. I have a T1 connection which is was faster than my DSL connection I had at my other house. Tried restarting the router and everything and still nothing.

Any helps with these problems would be much appreciated!
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  1. Also, sometimes the flash videos will stop. And then restart to the very beginning and start playing. And then restart again at the same point.
  2. A T1 is only 1.54Mb/s. DSL and cable are faster, at least at downloading. The T1 is 1.54mb/s up and down.
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