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hi, i'm looking for either a single or Raid 0 configuration but thing is I've NEVER broken the 100 Gig wall (in other words I don't need any more than let's say 200 Gigs), even with all the useless crap possible, in normal time I'd just take the first thing I see but I really want a relativly quick hard drive and someone told me that different versions run at different speeds and I should investigate, over than the 7'200 RPM and 10'00 RPM I haven't found anything, what do you suggest?
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  1. just get a 750gig 7200rpm drive. it'll give you all the space you'll never need, lots of speed, and it's pretty much at the best price point


    Don't let the decision monster kill you on this one. spend that time stressing over cpu and gpu.
  2. Id have to agree with jeremy... something around the 500-750 gb mark is best $/Gb at the moment and the drives are relatively quick compared to smaller or older disks.

    If you really want to spend the money it seems best performance without going to an enterprise SAS or 15k drive is with the new velociraptor released by WD and its a 300gb drive.
  3. If you've never gone beyond 100GB (I've filled that up and then some...) you don't need a 500GB drive. I'd just grab a nice 7200.10/7200.11 Seagate simply for the nice 5 yr warranty. A 250GB 7200.10 should be around $60.

    Unless you are doing something that requires massive harddrive speed, I wouldn't worry about it. 8MB vs 16MB, as long as its a current model 7200RPM drive, I doubt you'd see much difference in performance.
  4. I just though of this now, I'm going to get vista ultimate so I think I'll follow 4845454b' advice and get a 320GB 7200.11 HDD, thx for the help everyone!

    Or I might end up just breaking my 2 160GB Raid and use one of those (depending on their state) and sell my curent computer with only 1 HDD in it
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