DX 10.1 Not A Factor?

One subject that has been coming up frequently are the newer cards supporting DX10.1. It's already been stated that first generation DX 10 cards cannot be upgraded to DX 10.1 and many are waiting to buy cards specifically for DX10.1 support. But is 10.1 a factor we should consider? I ask this cause of the interview with MS about DX10.1 and it's relation gaming. According to Sam Glassenberg , MS lead program manager, "DX10.1 fully supports DX10 hardware. No hardware support is being removed....It's strictly a superset. It's basically an update to DX10 that extends the hardware functionality slightly". In terms of gaming he says "It's a minor update, so we don't expect any developers to say, 'oh, this game is DX10.1 only." So basically does 10.1 even matter? Will we see a visual difference between game ran on DX10 and DX 10.1 cards? I'm sure the next gen Nvidia cards like the 9xxx series will be DX 10.1 but at this point i dont think it'll be a major factor at all. Anyone have any incite?
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  1. Direct X10.1 should not be a concern because as was proven with Direct X10, and even Direct X9.0C with Shader Model 3.0, the first generation hardware simply isn't powerful enough to truly take advantage of these new features.
  2. If anything it probably updates the DX10 implementation of Geometry Shaders.
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