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I just got my first SSD installed onto my computer, and want to leave my SSd space to my OS and games, and want to put other files on my large HDD. I am attempting to install CS6 Master collection on my HDD, in my "Program Files (x86)" folder, but Adobe Download Assistant is giving me an error saying....

Folder Restriction Alert

Download may fail to folder 'F:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe' due to restrictive access privileges. Please select a different folder.

Need help installing this for work, please help! Thanks... :bounce:
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    The 64 bit applications in CS6 install in the Program Files folder and the 32 bit applications install in the Program Files (x86) folder. I just checked my computer to see where the programs install and that is what I found.
  2. Well it shouldn't make a difference which folder it is in. Says the same thing for both folders. Do you know exactly how much space it takes up, because I might just not bother solving it and just installing in on the SSD?
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