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hi, i just bought SPARKLE 8800 GTS last week. Based on the spec, the dedicate memory is 320 Mb. I was so suprise to find out that the dedicated memory is 256 MB and the shared memory is 756 MB. It shows a total max memory of 1024 MB at the dxdiag.

Does anyone in this forum using SPARKLE 8800 GTS have similar result with mine ?I am curious know why there is a short of 64 MB of dedicated memory and i thought NVDIA 8 series doesnt have shared memory function on the graphic card. Is it the vista results is not reliable ?

Actually, i am waiting for the manufacturer to reply my mail but i will be glad if u guys share your thoughts on this matter.

Thanks for your time.
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  1. thanks jaydeejohn for ur reply. actually i had installed the latest driver for my graphic card through the window update, but it still display the same result.
  2. He's not directing you to a driver, he's directing you to a GPU information tool, it will tell you what you need to know. The numbers you're giving out match no GF8800 out there, so whatever other reporting tool you're using is showing you something else like TurboCache or something which is like 'shared' memory, not actual VRAM.
  3. Cant think of anything that would explain it saying he has 256mb dedicated memory though, thats just weird.

    Im guessing he is using dxdiag or something to see it.
  4. Yeah I'm thinking whatever he's looking at is probably looking at 'used' memory for video and 'available memory for video' So it would show you the VRAM+TurboCache in the later, and what's actually being used now in theformer (hence the 64MB and 256MB numbers, but either way, GPU-Z will show all the details of the VPU and VRAM.
  5. I should have included more info for the OP, just sometimes I forget how noo some peeps are
  6. oh yeah, the GPU-Z shows the result exactly same with the manufacuter specification.

    thanks everyone who reply my post and i will greatly appreciate it..cheers mate..
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