Logical Drive Failed

Hi Guys,

I have Dell PowerEdge 2900 with three HDD(SAS) on it.
When i start the server i recieve message
" 1 logical drive found on the host adapter
1 logical drive Failed
1 logical drive handled by BIOS"

I am completely new to this type(RAID 5) of servers. Is one of the HDD lost ?

What could have caused this ? Any Fix ? :( :ange:

Thank you
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  1. A 2900 will be flashing orange blinky lights and scrolling an error, and maybe even beeping at you if one of the HDD's were bad. You may need to rebuild the array. Can you still access your data? now is a real good time to back it up if you can.
  2. <----- Tard here

    Sorry I immediately saw 2950 in my head. Though it should be doing SOMETHING to notify you if one of the physical drives went bad.

    Have you looked in Open Manage yet?
  3. Hello boonality and thanx.
    No orange blinky lights...
    at the bottom of the screen, it says "No boot device availabe : strike F1 to reboot, F2..... "

    It was working fine a week ago.... it had win2k3 server on it.
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