2 Volumes on ICH9R or use Gigabyte for 2nd?

OK. I have a new build using a Gigabyte MOBO and it has 6 ports on the ICH9R and 2 on the Gigabyte chip set. I created my boot drives using RAID 1 on the ICH9R and things are working fine. Performance isn't great but it's fine for loading apps as I use other drives for scratch dick space.

I was thinking about making one of my data drives RAID as well. I've been using Retrospect to do daily backups for years and it works great. It basically just make a copy of the data drive to a matching disk.

If I do make this a RAID drive I know that performance will drop about 15% but I was curious if it's best to have 2 separate RAID volumes on the ICH9R or 1 on the ICH9R and one using the Gigabyte chip set.

Any thoughts?


~Sir Moby
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  1. The GigaRaid ports are on the same bus as the PCI & network port(s). How much data is going down that channel will have an effect on your throughput. <--- I don't know if that will be material however!

    I would put both on the ICH9R so I don't have to worry about two different interfaces (BIOS) to manage the disk arrays, two different disk searches when starting up, and two different software tools to manage/monitor the arrays from Windoze.
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