E6600 Bottleneck and overclocking problem?

Well guys i got myself a problem here,
I overclocked my E6600 at 3217 Mhz , idle temps are 36-39
That idle temps look ok but when i run orthos ore the 3dmark cpu test, Both core's are getting real hot,
Like above 60 degrees and only after 1 minit!
And yet annother problem i just got a Sparkle 8800 gts 512 mb wich is great.
But when i try some overlocking my 3mark06 score WONT improve UNLESS i overclock my cpu also!
I think i got myself a bottleneck problem here, what do u guys think why my temps are so hot?
and do u think i got a bottleneck problem?

My specs:
Antec nine hundred
Sparkle 8800 gts 512 mb
Cooler master 620 watt
Asus p5ne -sli
Kingston HyperX 2 gb running at 800 mhz

Thx guys :)
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  1. OH by the way i got a Artic cooling thing on it ( artic silver 5 :P ore something in that way i cant really remember the exact name) :)
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