Ultra Thermo Electric vs Ultra-120 Extreme


Does anyone know how these two CPU heatsinks perform vs. each other?

In my case it would be for heavy Q6600/Q9450 quad core overclocking.

ChillTec Ultra Thermo Electric

Thermalright Ultra-120 Extreme (with 120mm fan)
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  1. I have no experience and little knowledge with peltiers but what I can say is that the Ultra 120 Extreme is a true cooling behemoth, right on par with the Tuniq Tower 120, you can't get any better on air than that.
  2. The peltier weighs in at 900+ grams. I hope it does not bend the mobo!

    Go for the 120 extreme just to be safe and save half the cost. Besides the peltier will only cool the CPU a few degrees more than the 120 extreme...hmm a few degrees for $50-$70. No brainer!
  3. The Ultra-120 Extreme is about the same at 790g. The reason I was asking about the Ultra Thermo Electric is because I've seen a lot of images/videos with people using it and it looks to do a rather good job as well.
  4. I have a thermal electric and I got a q9650 up to 4ghz with it max temp with prime 95 running was 75c (speedfan). Without turning off any cpu features.
    Befor that I had an arctic cooler pro7 cpu was at 3.6 ghz and prime95 would go past 80c in about a second and I would shut it down.
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