Where's the nVidia 630i/610i chipset?

So we heard about a month ago (I suppose) that nVidia was supposed to release like 4 chipset platforms for C2D and C2Q processors with 7000-series integrated graphics. Has anyone seen them listed or availability anywhere? Seems like it made headlines for a couple of days and disappeared into obscurity. From what I think, they'll be more affordable than the G31/33 chipset MBs and could provide a little competition (performance and price) to the otherwise monopolized IGP MB market for Intel 1333mhz processors. This could lessen the argument that AMD platforms are cheaper and therefore a better choice on the low end.

Anyone with information on the whereabouts of these products is encouraged to post on this forum.
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  1. Bump. I'm assuming no one cares...
    Anyone care to comment on the subject? I imagine private system builders should be as interested in this as I am (mom and pop, internet-browsing computers on the cheap with support for all current processors).
  2. Evga does list a few of them, but at those prices, they're not very attractive.

  3. the BIOS for abit's appeared on their ftp yesterday so they are getting close.
  4. akhilles said:
    Evga does list a few of them, but at those prices, they're not very attractive.


    Yes, truly unattractive pricing. But if you go through the site, some of their MSRP prices are a fairly different than what you can find on Newegg.
  5. They are on the market very soon, I can already see sample stock in my local store.
    But the thing is, nForce 630i/610i only feature single channel DDR2-800,
    which limits their performance. The onboard video GMA 3100 performs poorly in 3D, however, GeForce 7050/7100 are not much better actually,
    plus their high cost and price, resulted only limited manufacturers for those board...
  6. 610i supports SDR only and 630i supports DDR according to specifications released by nVidia about a month ago.
  7. They have arrived, and the prices are fairly reasonable.


    That Biostar should be on ever builders short list.


    I stand corrected about the DDR support:

    The only gripe about the MCP73 is that it supports single channel memory configurations only. In a world dominated by dual-channel memory standards - the MCP73 dares to be different!

  8. what's the difference between 7050/7100/7150?
  9. as far as systems with a 630/610i mine has it a q6600 4 gig ram- running windows 7 64 bit- score 5.9 (win7) ati 4650- acer m5641. but you can't really find them anymore. not there being passed up by much faster proccessors- but when i bought it 8 months ago from new egg it was only 499- vista home prem. 64bit. it has been a dream to run all with the minor problem of windows 7 was having a bit of an issue with usb drives due to chipset drivers issuses which has since been worked out with the lastest release. in short good system stable and a workhorse - for the first time i encode dvd's in real time.
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