Error during paging operation causes system lock

I've been having a heck of a time lately with this error "An error was detected on device \Device\Harddisk0\DR0 during a paging operation." This will happen about 20 times or more and then the system will lock. There are no other errors in the logs.

I can't find any Vista specific references to this error; all are related to XP and Server 2K3, but they indicate a hardware failure if it occurs often on the primary disk. This is the primary disk, the other is a RAID0 set.

I've ran numerous HDD checks and diagnostics on both drives and all check out fine.

I have a feeling this started after I tried to disable my paging file. It's back on now, and located on the primary disk.
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  1. Update on this issue: I've changed the paging file to reside on the RAID0 set, drive D. I did a reboot and I eventually had a system crash. The logs showed no errors at all, except the "the previous shutdown was unexpected".

    I was watching TV on the second display, running Azureus, encoding video, and watching video clips on the main display, so it could be a few things.

  2. Yet another update (to myself apparantly):

    With the paging file on drive D: I had my first paging file error last night. This time it happened while I left the system for two hours or so. I had Azureus downloading some stuff, but that's it. When I came back to the PC, it was locked. Checking the error logs confirmed the error again.

    I have the PC set to sleep never, never turn off the HDDs, and to turn off the display after 20 min.

    I think at this point I'll do a slipstream of SP1 and re-install Vista. Some Winblows things haven't changed....
  3. I will continue updates in hopes that someone, somewhere will eventually find it helpful.

    I used vLite to slipstream SP1 into the DVD files, as well as my Intel ICH9 drivers. It even let me set up the DVD for unattended install by entering in product key and selecting default parameters. I chose to disable UAC as well.

    Install went fine with only 1 intervention on my part (selecting the HDD to use for install). System is back up but not all drivers are installed.

    Update will follow.
  4. Sorry you're having so much difficulty.

    The nature of the error in the system log would indicate to me some type of hardware problem. The paging file error indicates something wrong in the disk storage system.

    I would run diagnostics on the hard drive (with more than one program if possible), change the SATA cable, and make sure you don't have power supply issues. Beyond that, there could be a problem with the motherboard.
  5. Well, I'm still running ok. I have not used Everest since my last HDD error. Because I work in IT I realize I need to do more testing to verify my assumption, but as a user I just want to use my PC so I'm calling it SOLVED.

    I'm blaming keeping Everest running in the background as the cause of my problems. Pretend I'm Rasheed Wallace and it's a "guarantee".
  6. This is back in Vista days, I have the same scenario with Windows 8.1, this helps me build confidence it is HDD failure, you'd think there'd be more information about why it happens with 'paging operations' and it would be easier to diagnose or repair.
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